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귀하는 저희가 지원하지 않는 이전 버전의 브라우저를 사용중입니다. 저희는 성과, 보안, 안정성에 집중하기 때문에 귀하의 본 웹사이트 이용은 제한적일 수 있습니다. 저희 웹사이트 이용에 문제가 있다면 브라우저를 업그레이드 해보세요. 더 알아보기

Want to pay by Credit Card?

There are 2 ways you can be approved for direct credit card payment:

  1. Develop a strong payment history with us over time, through multiple payments & shipments.

    The direct credit card option will not be available until your account history has met the requirements. In the meantime, use PayPal as an alternate credit card processing system, or use one of our other convenient payment methods to save 4% on your order total!


  2. Qualify yourself NOW! Submit the following for pre-approval:

Send your documents to us using one of the following methods. Please note "Attention Credit Card Pre-Approval" to ensure timely processing! We'll follow up with you after the review is complete.

email: fax:       587-317-7253 mail:    SILVER GOLD BULL INC.                PO BOX 11038 SETON PO                CALGARY AB T3M 1Y6, CANADA